WaterLess Urinal

WaterLess Urinal

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (Clean India Mission) accelerate sanitation coverage in rural and urban areas. Stakeholders and people from all sections of society have welcomed it as a major step to achieve a healthy and hygienic environment for the citizens of India. This is retrofit waterless urinal technology that gets fitted at base of urinal bowl. It consists of an inlet and outlet cartridge through which urine passes and seals the outlet once the urine is drained out. The technology converts conventional urinal into waterless urinal. No need to remove the old urinal bowl.


  • Waterless urinals do not require a constant source of water
  • Can be built and repaired with locally available materials
  • Low capital and operating costs
  • Waterless urinals produce fewer odours than urinals with water flush and also have no problems with urinal cakes (odour and urinal cakes occur when urine is mixed with water)
  • Waterless urinals contribute to water saving at the greatest possible degree
  • Waterless urinals allow the pure and undiluted collection of urine for reuse, e.g. as fertilizer in urban farming (after appropriate treatment, e.g. storage) and can contribute to closed loop economy, or for effective anaerobic treatment by e.g. an anaerobic ammonium oxidation (anamox) reactor
  • Surface water and aquifers are protected from nutrients and pharmaceuticals if the urine is collected separately
  • Special Feature :-

  • One time fitment
  • Hygienic - Dry restroom prevents bacteria cultivation
  • No Flushing
  • Allocation of transport resources, including the management and regulation of existing transportation activities.
  • No Consumables
  • Waterless and Odorless
  • No Recurring Costs
  • Longer Shelf Life
  • Low & Easy Maintenance Just wipe and clean
  • Structural Feature :-

  • Thin-walled lighted weight
  • Low porosity
  • Ease of transportation
  • Modular Design
  • Flexible in design
  • Minimal surface cracking